About Us


Commerce Blvd, Inc. brings quality web hosting services to individuals and small to medium-sized businesses. Established in 1990, we bring years of experience to the table and offer premium service supported by an Internet savvy staff. At Commerce Blvd, satisfying customers is our number one goal. We invest in state-of-the-art Internet hardware such as Sun Ultra Enterprise, Cisco 12000 series routers, and OC48 connections that are connected directly to many of the largest backbone providers in the world.

CommerceBlvd.com goes the extra mile on the Information Super Highway by offering pre-installed CGI scripts, software, on-line knowledge bases, and prompt technical assistance to allow you to manage your Web site with ease. Our user-friendly on-line Control Panel allows you to view and change your settings with a mouse click. Commerce Blvd provides 24-hour technical support via e-mail and business hours telephone assistance for all its valued customers. Commerce Blvd also honors a "price-freeze-guarantee", promising that the price each customer pays for web hosting services will never increase.